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Why get INPAGE Powerful campaign management
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Innovative, streamlined, flexible and effective.

With a footprint in all major markets, and partner offices in many more, you have access to a representative 24/7 no matter where you are.

Our approach to the market is untarnished by traditional thinking and has resulted in an advertising platform that is flexible, scalable, secure and efficient, accommodating the ever changing face of the digital media landscape.

InPage is owned independently by a consortium of independent investors, and managed by a group of professionals whose combined digital experience exceeds 100 years. The company is not influenced by venture capital investment, thus ensuring that our product focus and delivery is right for you and your needs. Independence is our life blood.

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Complete solution

InPage is a complete advert management and reporting solution that delivers adverts across multiple platforms.

Unified, cross-platform delivery

InPage seamlessly manages advert delivery across web and mobile platforms from a single interface and as a unified and synergised campaign. This means that mobile and web campaigns can be combined, linked and flighted within seconds of campaign placement and confirmation.

Global reach, local focus

Few Ad Networks have a comparable global footprint.

Contextual profiling and ad serving

Sites are categorized by content channels rather than demographics, ensuring relevant targeting of advertising for the publisher, advertiser and site visitor.

As a Publisher you have control over ad content by profiling your site through content channels, with the added benefit of blocking ads by ad and/or advertiser.

Linked advertising

For greatest campaign efficacy InPage allows Publishers to link display advertising and InPage IAS Adverts across pages and site sections.

Powerful targeting

Target your campaigns through multiple criteria:
- Flight Period: Date, Day, Time
- Geographic: Both visitor and site Location
- Content Channel: Multiple content categories
- Public and Private Network‘s: InPage Ad Network and Self Managed Sites

GeoIP targeting

Geo targeting allows accurate targeting of adverts against visitor location. This means that adverts can be targeted at specific visitors based on their location, with the result that advertisers receive streamlined and incredibly cost-effective delivery of adverts.

Ad serving synergy between InPage Ad Network sites and Self Managed Sites

Publishers (Self Managed Sites) managing their own website ad inventory, can request top-up ads from the InPage pool of public network ads when they are unable to source enough ads themselves, thus maximizing ad revenue.

Drive revenue by selling more inventory

Bolster revenue and reduce sales costs by making your site inventory available to our global network of partners who will sell the inventory on your behalf. Allow advertisers the ability to manage campaigns on your site, on dates and at rates set by you.

Extensive reporting

InPage gives you the ability to manage and generate detailed reports for all aspects of online campaigns whether within the InPage Ad Network or Self Managed Sites.

InPage campaign reports provide the real-time number of impressions, clicks and click-through rates per advert.

Reports can be exported in CSV format for import and analysis in any reporting application, ensuring you have full control over your data.

Straight-forward and hassle-free advert script management

With InPage a single line of code is all it takes. The code is the same for all sites, there is no need to enter a site identifier.

The InPage ad code allows you to set multiple identifiers and key references to ensure correct advert placement, content channels, ad types and ad sizes.

The management of the adverts scripts in most Ad Networks can be time and labour intensive because, with each new campaign, advert scripts require updating.

Display multiple ad sizes in your ad place holders

The InPage advert code allows you to select multiple advert sizes for display in place holders, thus maximising revenue and enhancing advert impact. Simply group advert sizes to fit your site design.

Target multiple content channels

The InPage advert code allows you to select multiple content channels, allowing you to group our channels against relevance to your site and sites target audience, and ensuring that advertising revenue generation is maximised right from the outset.

Uninterrupted ad serving

Our unique ad script gives you the ability to develop and deploy a new site design, while serving InPage default ads during testing; simply register the live site URL with InPage and when your new design goes live, you will be up and serving advertising.

We take this a step further by allowing registered sites to serve their own default ads during testing, this means you do not need to display the InPage default ads. Download our self promotion document.

Intuitive, powerful and user-friendly ad management

Our advanced online interface, InTouch, makes managing your advertising easy and straight forward.

Free self promotion

InPage allows you to leverage inventory on your site to promote your company products, services and solutions. Download our self promotion document.

No registration or licensing fees

InPage requires no registration or licensing fees. Unlike trial software or shareware, InPage’s free software products have no time limit, no nagging pop-up screens and no inaccessible features. We achieve this by entering into a revenue share agreement with qualifying clients.

Choose your revenue model

InPage allows revenue creation through two ad distribution models:

InPage Ad Network:   Allow InPage to serve contextually targeted adverts from our pool of global Advertisers within your site. Achieve this with almost no maintenance at all. Profile your site to ensure that we serve adverts that complement and enhance your site. We do the work for you and share the revenue!
Self Managed Sites:   Portals, Hubs, Commercial sites, Corporate sites, Intranets and Extranets: InPage offers any size site the perfect opportunity to grow online inventory and revenue dramatically. You target your own advertisers and set your own rates based on your own criteria. You can choose to manage your own campaigns or even set permissions for advertisers or agencies to manage their own campaigns. It is a traditional ad serving model where publishers are in complete control of the InPage campaign management, billing, serving and reporting on their sites.