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FACEBOOK - PREMIUM ADS Internet Advertising

Portland, OR, USA, April 02, 2012 -

Starting April 2012, InPage will now be offering a full array of Facebook Premium ads. We offer the following types of ad placements:

  • Ads that appear in News Feeds
  • Ads that run on the right-hand side of your homepage
  • Ads within the News Feed on your mobile device
  • Ads that appear when you log out
  • Offers

The most impactful way to distribute your content on Facebook.

Share your most compelling stories in the best places on Facebook to engage and influence people. Premium on Facebook helps you maximize the number of people interacting with your brand and talking about you, while unlocking the power of fans and their friends.

Based on Facebook Internal Studdies placements in the right-hand side and in news feed on Facebook’s homepage have an average of 5x-10x more engagement than all other places on the site.

Like everything else on Facebook, Premium on Facebook starts with publishing engaging stories on your Page.

Facebook Premium from InPage

Sponsored Stories

Get more distribution for the News Feed stories published about your Page, Place or App. Always includes either a story about the viewer's friends or a story about your Facebook Page posts.

  • Page Like Story

    When people like your Page, their friends see a story about it.
  • Check-In Story

    When people check in to your business using Facebook Places, their friends see a story about it.
  • Page Post Like Story

    When people like your Page post, their friends see a story about it.

Facebook Ads

Promote a Facebook Page, Event, App, other destination on Facebook, or your own website. You can specify a custom message and call-to-action. Relevant actions from the viewer's friends will automatically be shown to build word-of-mouth awareness.

  • Ad from a Page post

    Select a Page post to promote. Note that this post will be a Sponsored Story when it is delivered to the people who like your Page, or their friends.
  • A new Ad Message

Talk to your local InPage representative about our Facebook offerings. Don't have an InPage representative Click Here to have an InPage representative contact you.