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Sydney, NSW, Australia, November 10, 2008 - X2 has acquired the exclusive rights of distribution in Australia, France and Singapore of InPage's revolutionary method of online advertising, this exclusive partnership agreement will see X2 handle InPage's online marketing products and services in the three countries.

X2 is a global group of business consultants, creative professional marketers, technology and digital experts.

With a team of over 150 people across the world X2 is a digital agency who's philosophy recognises the importance of developing and sustaining long-term client relationships and effectively managing the balance between creating, communicating and delivering value.

Contact Information

Sydney Office:
Level 29, Chifley Tower,
2 Chifley square, Sydney
NSW 2000 Australia
Phone: +612 9238 8125
Fax: +612 9238 8080

Melbourne Office:
Level 27,
101 Collins Street, Melbourne
Victoria 3000 Australia
Phone: +613 9221 6323
Fax: +613 9653 9307

Paris Office:
Level 5, Louis Vuitton Building
101 Avenue des Champs Elysées
Paris 75008 France
Phone: +331 5652 9042
Fax: +331 5652 9090

Singapore Office:
Level 42, Suntec Tower Three
8 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038988
Phone: +65 6866 3858
Fax: +65 6866 3838