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Latest News Exciting Developments from InPage

Charlotte, NC, USA, May 05, 2008 – Your choices when it comes to online advertising are vast, the trick is to decide which type of ad is best for your business.

Studies show that animated, popus and interstitial ads have the highest visibility but also have the lowest click-through rates, for this reason InPage Ads are sold on a CPM basis, says Grant Jackson, CEO of InPage, a company that has developed a revolutionary new online advertising solution.

InPage has been designed to take online advertising to a whole new level, by providing full screen, full motion, full screen, full sound adverts that do not appear in the traditional banner spaces usually reserved for adverts, nor do they have to vie for attention with the content on the site.

Jackson says that web site visitors have grown so accustomed to seeing banner, text, and animation ads that they either look right through them or quickly tune them out, due to the nature of InPage Ads brand visibility and impact is dramatically improved.

Advertisers should note that promotional advertising is fast becoming the holy grail of online advertising, contests, coupons and giveaways are great methods for lead generation.