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Latest News Exciting Developments from InPage

Charlotte, NC, USA, January 24, 2008 – As InPage prepares to shed the shackles of its Beta testing program the company is actively seeking out new partners to drive its online advertising solutions to market. This will form the last part of the companies beta test phase.

InPage Incorporated CEO Grant Jackson says, "The signing up of global partners will form the last stage of our Beta testing, as we prepare to run through our workflow and back office systems.”

During our Beta test phase the company has enjoyed the interaction of clients from a number of geographic locations, including: Australia, Belgium, German, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine, The United Kingdom and The United States.

“Over the last year, InPage Incorporated has been developing and testing its technology for the Injection of Internet Advertising into the “White, dead space” between internet pages, we believe we have developed and demonstrated a robust stable solution that works, it is now time to take the product to market”

InPage Incorporated is looking to cement business relationships with Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Internet Service Providers, Media Houses and Website Publishers.

InPage takes online advertising to a whole new level, by providing television-style, full motion, full-screen, full sound adverts that appear in the 'white space' between pages. InPage is a complete ad management and reporting solution rolled into one powerful product.

InPage has established a number of partner programs designed to attract interest from these market segments:

As an advertiser you can use InPage to market your own brands. This can be done in your own Internet sites or through various sites across the Internet. You would need to purchase add impressions from InPage and then create distributions campaigns to achieve this.

Website Publisher:
You can add InPage into your own web portals and enjoy revenue from others advertising in your portals. For every impression delivered through your portals you will earn revenue from InPage.

Agency/Media House:
As an agency you can charge your clients add generation fees, create campaigns on their behalf and benefit from bulk purchase of advertising space from InPage for the placement of your clients advertising.

Internet Service Provider:
InPage partners to market in different geographic locations, depending on the market and legislative requirements we will partner with individuals/companies on a representative, revenue share and/or shareholder basis.